Tobacco Free


Santa Cruz Valley Regional Hospital is tobacco free. This means that all forms of tobacco use by employees, volunteers, medical staff, patients and visitors are prohibited inside and outside our facilities.

Santa Cruz Valley Regional Hospital is committed to promoting good health and offering the best healing environment for our patients. Our tobacco free policy is another step in our commitment to providing excellent patient care.  We recognize this may be difficult for many individuals and are committed to supporting visitors and patients coming to our hospital.  Please ask a hospital staff member for assistance

If you are a smoker coming to the hospital for any reason:

• Please check with your health care provider about nicotine replacement options such as gum, patches and lozenges that can assist you.

If you are a smoker and are being admitted to the hospital following an emergency room visit:

• Please notify your nurse or attending physician that you would like assistance through nicotine-replacement aids.

• Please inform your visitors about our tobacco –free policy.

• Aids such as chewing gum and candy are available in our Gift Shops to assist your loved ones while visiting you in the hospital.

If you are a smoker visiting a loved one:

• Please remember Santa Cruz Valley Regional Hospital does not permit smoking on any of its property. If needed, our Gift Shops have chewing gum and candies available.