Medical Records / Health Information Management


The Santa Cruz Valley Regional Hospital  Health Information Management department is responsible for keeping complete medical records for each patient.  Your original medical record is property of Santa Cruz Valley Regional Hospital , but the information in it belongs to you. You may always access your health information.

You can request copies of your medical record information by:

• Contacting the health information management services (HIMS) department at

  •  Phone (520) 393-4788
  •  Fax (520) 393-4941

Prior to receiving the copies, a standard "Release of Information Consent" form must be completed and proof of identification provided. A fee may be assessed for locating and copying your record; you will be notified if any fees will be incurred. To reduce copy charges, you may request  specific  information or  document.


Release Forms

• Hospital: ◦English: Release of Information Authorization Form

• En español: Permiso Para Copiar documentos Medicos